I've been building websites for 15 years. I'm a computer systems engineer turned web developer, product creator, and entrepreneur.

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Work & Education

  • IDCO - Owner/Founder (2013-present)
  • Irina Delgado YouTube Channel - Web Development Teacher (2020-present)
  • Reel Axis - Web Developer (2021-2023)
  • Freescale Semiconductor - Web Developer (2011-2012)
  • Socialdot - Web Developer (2010-2011)
  • Computer Systems Engineer, ITESO (2004-2009)

Hard Skills

  • Front-End & Back-End Development

    I have been building websites since the 2000s. After studying computer systems engineering in university, I went door-to-door to sell websites to small establishments such as bakeries and stores. I have been building sites on WordPress for over 10 years. While I have a solid grasp of back-end architecture, I wouldn't claim to be a full-stack developer. However, this understanding allows me to comprehend how front-end changes impact the back-end and vice versa.

  • Product Creation

    Despite lacking formal education in product creation, I am passionate about creating new digital products for my daily work and projects I am involved in. I always seek the best productivity practices and efficiency to run and grow a business.

  • Business & Sales

    I have successfully maintained recurring clients for over 10 years, providing support to launch their ideas into websites. I have encapsulated my freelance experience into my own web agency, IDCO.

  • Writing

    I have maintained my blog for over 10 years, sharing my entrepreneurial journey and more recently, my experience in web development. I continue this habit as a tool to document my journey and provide assistance to future web developers.

Soft Skills

  • Client Satisfaction & Customer Service

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  • Leading & Motivating People and Teams

    Throughout my professional career, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with diverse teams, ranging from development teams to marketing teams. I have learned that effective communication is crucial for efficient work. At IDCO, we have gone through various processes while working with developers, designers, and community managers. I strive to establish a structured environment that enables my team to work efficiently. Moreover, I am always open to new ideas that can enhance our projects and bring them to their fullest potential.

  • Creating Efficient & Effective Systems

    I thrive in chaotic situations as they present opportunities for me to implement my systems and organize areas of improvement. What brings me the utmost satisfaction is witnessing the smooth operation of the machine, where all the gears work efficiently due to the implementation of these systems.

  • Self Teaching

    I have an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering desire for continuous learning. I embrace the opportunity to explore new tools and face the challenge of implementing the knowledge I acquire.

Select Web Development Projects

  • Trademark Universal (2023)

    I have had the pleasure of working with this client on more than 15 websites, showcasing their diverse range of products and services. These websites have served various purposes, from promoting their new book publications to providing educational materials for their industry. The latter has been instrumental in guiding high school students through the college application process for Ivy League schools. All the websites built for this company have been meticulously crafted using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, precisely tailored to meet the client's expectations.

  • SynerComm (2023)

    I have worked on various projects for SynerComm involving the creation of new pages, landing pages, and updates, utilizing tools such as WordPress and HubSpot. Throughout these projects, I collaborated closely with external designers who provided stunning mockups. This collaborative effort allowed us to work together seamlessly in building the pages, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing end result.

  • Bonfire (2022)

    I played a crucial role in the team responsible for the re-design of their WordPress website. With the design team having prepared the mockup, I joined as a web developer to bring the new website to life. Initially, I created the website on a staging site, ensuring its alignment with the approved design. Once the website received final approval, I successfully published it, resulting in overwhelming customer satisfaction.

  • Ambition Resumes (2019)

    The objective of this project was to recreate the client's website, which was originally built using Wix, and migrate it to WordPress. I worked on the mock-up concept using a WordPress theme and implemented it through a child theme. The outcome was a significantly more functional, flexible, and scalable website, granting the client full control over their online presence.

  • Avila Surfboards (2018)

    The client sought to migrate their 6-year-old website to a fresh new look and feel. For this project, I utilized Bootstrap, ensuring a modern and responsive design. Additionally, the website was optimized to showcase the client's in-house products and facilitate lead generation. By implementing this solution, the client gained full control over the new look of their website, while also setting the foundation for future scalability and growth.

  • N1Capital (2017)

    The main goal of this project was to modernize an outdated Joomla website by implementing a custom FIFO (First-In, First-Out) form. I collaborated with a team of designers and developers to create and integrate the FIFO into the new website. The FIFO functioned flawlessly, meeting the deadline, and resulted in a significant increase of 500+ new page views per month for the client.

  • Enlace CapacitaciĆ³n (2015)

    This project involved a partnership where a website update and relaunch were required. The existing website was 5 years old and needed a fresh user experience (UX) design. Additionally, over 100 new online courses were to be added. To achieve this, we built the website using Bootstrap, implementing structural and design changes through HTML, CSS3, and PHP coding. The outcome of this project was remarkable. The website's social media views doubled, showcasing its increased visibility and engagement. Most importantly, the company achieved profitability within just 3 months after the relaunch, highlighting the success of the project in driving business growth.

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