This website re-design project involved collaboration with marketing, design, and development teams. The final re-design concept was developed by designers and marketers, and I received an Adobe XD file to initiate website development.


Conceptually, I received the Adobe XD design and began the WordPress-based website's development, first ensuring plugin updates and maintenance. Within approximately three weeks, I focused on building the staging site.


Opting for WordPress, I aimed to enhance performance alongside the new design. Shifting the theme infrastructure to Divi streamlined scalability for the internal team without necessitating technical expertise.


Transitioning to Divi on the staging site facilitated easier structuring for future client maintenance. WordPress notably boosted SEO index growth compared to other projects, promoting seamless addition of new pages.


This engaging project emphasized clear requirements, concept, and design, greatly streamlining work upon design approval. Effective communication, especially with the design team, proved crucial to ensure streamlined asset management before development.

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