Trademark Universal

This project involved a client aiming to update and create more than 15 websites in the education sector. I crafted these platforms to align with their vision of user-friendly, clean, and low-maintenance spaces for showcasing their written products. Below is an overview of the website creation process.


The project's vision focused on creating clean and minimalist websites, incorporating specific client-provided fonts. The client sought to uphold the current structure for select book series, making content and asset adjustments while maintaining a cohesive project aesthetic.

Websites for Books

While maintaining a conservative look preferred by the client, I had the opportunity to creatively enhance the website's cover through asset usage.

Built upon an existing framework, the project's distinct color scheme and enhanced assets propelled it to prominence among fellow websites within the book series.

Crafted with simplicity and cleanliness in mind, this website was tailored exclusively for book promotion, ensuring a direct and impactful online presence.

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This unique project aimed to develop a catalog showcasing the author's expertise and services, distinct from the book series. I crafted the mockup in Figma to ensure the final design, then utilized HTML and CSS for the implementation.